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Anna Olson creates jewelry that has a simple, yet interesting, beauty.  Her premier collection focuses on basic shapes and curves derived from her illustration work.  She combines these simple shapes with texture to create not only a beautiful piece, but a piece that you want to interact with physically.

Many of the pieces are hand fabricated, starting with a simple flat piece of stock.  Others are hand carved in wax and cast which are then combined with fabricated elements.  While each piece is initially inspired by Anna's illustrations, she allows the materials to lead her through the design process which allows creativity to flow.

Anna began exploring her illustration and metalwork talents while studying for her BFA at Purdue University.  It was not until eleven years later, in 2016, that she began work on her own collection.  In those eleven years, she focused on advancing in the jewelry industry with hands on experience.

Each piece is hand made with the intention of creating a unique, durable and wearable piece of art.